Estate Sales/Moving Sales/Liquidation Sales/Donations

Whether you are ready to have an estate sale, a moving sale, a downsizing sale, or are simply ready to release an old life by donating the items in your home or storage unit, we can help you with all of it. A Premiere Estate Sale is well experienced in every aspect of a professional sale. We are resourceful, responsible, and ready to find a creative solution to your needs—even if you need to do a sale but do not live in the area—because when the sale is done we usually leave the house clean enough to sell.


The Verde Valley is our primary territory. However, we do, on occasion, take on sales in other areas.


It will cost you nothing out of pocket. We only charge a nominal (fairly standard) commission, plus any costs for extra services requested by you (the client). Another unique aspect of Premiere is that, at our sales, we accept cash, checks, and credit cards—which is very important in maximizing your income.

Advertising and Promotion

Besides our website, we have an extensive mailing list, and we send out  send out an e-blast prior to each sale. We also advertise on Craig's List and in local newspapers. Lastly, we have an ever-growing presence on social media.

Additional Services

Craig's List

Besides the various forms of on-site sales, we also offer to place items that are rare, expensive, or highly unique on Craigslist.

Special Orders

If any of our customers are looking for specific items (e.g. art, antiques, stereos, watches, furniture, etc.), we keep a list of such requests and do our best to fill those order from our daily exposure to new inventory.