Estate Sales/Moving Sales/Liquidation Sales/Donations

Whether you are ready to have an estate sale, a moving sale, a downsizing sale, or are simply ready to release an old life by donating the items in your home or storage unit, we can help you with all of it. A Premiere Estate Sale is well experienced in every aspect of a professional sale. We are resourceful, responsible, and ready to find a creative solution to your needs—even if you need to do a sale but do not live in the area—because when the sale is done we usually leave the house clean enough to sell.


The Verde Valley is our primary territory. However, we do, on occasion, take on sales in other areas.


It will cost you nothing out of pocket. We only charge a nominal (fairly standard) commission, plus any costs for extra services requested by you (the client). Another unique aspect of Premiere is that, at our sales, we accept cash, checks, and credit cards—which is very important in maximizing your income.

Advertising and Promotion

Besides our website, we have an extensive mailing list, and we send out  send out an e-blast prior to each sale. We also advertise on Craig's List and in local newspapers. Lastly, we have an ever-growing presence on social media.

Additional Services

Craig's List

Besides the various forms of on-site sales, we also offer to place items that are rare, expensive, or highly unique on Craigslist.

Special Orders

If any of our customers are looking for specific items (e.g. art, antiques, stereos, watches, furniture, etc.), we keep a list of such requests and do our best to fill those order from our daily exposure to new inventory.

Here's what people are saying about A Premiere Estate Sale...

From Homeowner-Clients

Blown away!

“My family and I are blown away with how you handled our estate sale. We watched your every move–from the time we first met to the time you checked-in with us at the end of the sale, and we were so impressed–to say the least. You covered every detail with total professionalism and you brought

– WS Family, Sedona

Thanks for your great sales!

Hi Judy & Team! Thanks for your continued great sales. We are amazed at each sale how well organized you folks are and how perfectly priced your items are. Can’t thank you

– Gloria & John

What a GREAT job!

Judy and her crew did a great job handling my estate sale. I was on the East Coast which make me nervous but Judy took care of everything from start to finish. I recommend Judy and her company very highly.

Fantastic beyond words

“Hello Judy! As one of your homeowner clients, I just want to tell you that your crew was fantastic beyond words. I teared up a little when I saw what outstanding, loyal, and hard working people they are. Bless you all for the help with our

– Eileen, VOC, Sedona

Sale handled extremely professionally

We’re so happy we used A Premiere Estate Sale to close out our home/estate. The project/sale was handled extremely professionally. We have nothing but the highest regard for the job Premiere did. – Mike &

Knocked it out of the park

“You guys really knocked it out of the park with your last two sales–which you had two weeks in a row and we attended both. I don’t know how you guys pull together such quality events in such effective ways, but we’re

– J&L, Cornville

Professional yet very personable too

“Cleaning out your parents home can be intimidating and very stressful, as well as being full of emotions. But from the moment we met Judy (the owner of A Premiere Estate Sale), she put us at ease. She outlined the process, set up a schedule, and handled everything. She and her team hauled away six

– The Doeller Sisters


“All we can say is that your sales are quite a sight to behold. In one word, they are ‘miraculous.’ I’m referring to the whole flow of how you and your entire team do things. And my partner and I are noticing how other estate sale companies are continuing to draw from your ideas–which obviously

– Rich & Doreen, Sedona

From Clients and Homeowners

Hello Judy! I know most of your testimonials come from shoppers but, as one of your clients/homeowners, I wanted to share how pleased my family and I were with the results of the sale you did for us. The way your team works is a sight to behold–creative, efficient, fluid, organized, etc. And we were

– The Edisons


I chose Judy to do the estate sale when my 93 year old mom moved cross country. I left Judi in charge. Mom was thrilled with the money! I was thrilled with the

– Conni B.

Wonderful Results!

“Judy, and her team at A Premiere Estate Sale took care of our estate sale and EXCEEDED our expectations! We had a tight escrow close on our Sedona property so we turned to her and she was incredibly responsive and immediately set us at ease. Within days she created an inventory, took photos, and took

– JA, Sedona

You have lifted a tremendous burden…

Dear Judy Please extend my love and thanks to all your crew who did such an outstanding job under unusual circumstances. You have lifted a tremendous burden from my shoulders. God Bless you all. You are such beautiful

– Much Love, Ron B.

From Shopping Customers

Several Surprises!

“Dearest Judy & Team: I’m looking forward to attending your estate sales in the future. Your last one was my first and it was so much fun, I ran home and brought my visiting relatives back to the sale and we all loaded up on items we’ve been searching for, plus several surprises we weren’t

– Jan, West Sedona

Sale of the century!

Wow! This sale really was the sale of the century! My friends and I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was. And there were hundreds and hundreds of items to choose

– Lizzy B.

Run so effortlessly and efficiently

“Hello Judy and the folks at Premiere Estate Sale! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing things you are accomplishing with your sales. I’ve never seen anything run so effortlessly and efficiently. In your last sale I actually panicked for a moment when I got in line and there were nearly 30 people in

– R. Reyes, Sedona

Best items and reasonable prices

“Thanks so much for your most recent estate sale. You would recognize me if you saw me because I was one of the several people who came back a few times, and for good reason. The items in your sale are the best and the prices so reasonable. Thank

– SD, Cottonwood

Quintessential Sales

Hi Judy, We are always impressed how sales friendly your staff are to all. You and Michael bend over backwards to help those in need. Your estate sales are considered at the top of the list. We have attended many, and each time, are impressed with the quantity and quality of the merchandise. By far,

Linda and Jeff

What an amazing experience it was

“What an amazing experience it was . . . your estate sale in Cottonwood last week was a blast. My husband pick up lots of fishing equipment and I found a lot of kitchen and art items I had been looking for. But now I am torn . . . do I tell my friends

– Janice & Jack, Sedona

Thanks for the wonderful sale!

“Dear Friends at Premiere: Thanks for the wonderful sale this past weekend. My husband and I were so impressed with the sale and grateful for the items we

– J. & S. Perry, Sedona

Your sales are always my favorite!

Your sales are always my favorite but I am especially looking forward to your upcoming sale because I heard you have so many crystals and stones. We’ll be there to buy enough stones to supply our front porch and back

– Tim & Cathy O.

Always the best…

You are always the best…everything is always with a smile and a kind joyful word. I am

– Yana

What fun!

“I loved your last estate sale. All the neighbors were so excited to discover you would be having a sale, we all went together . . . and we each walked out with far more items than we expected. What

– TPO, Village of Oak Creek

Recent estate sale was incredible

“Your most recent estate sale was incredible. I can’t tell you how many ‘treasures’ I found. I’m an artist and I have to tell you that it’s not easy to find the art, supplies, and frames I need. So thank you for your sales and your great

– Gwen, Sedona

Happy to find so many great items

“Thanks much for your most recent sale. As a regular shopper at estate sales, I was very happy to find so many great items. But as an artist, I was especially pleased to find several great pieces of art and art supplies that I very much needed. See you at your next

– D. James, Sedona

It was extraordinary…

“It was extraordinary . . . and I’ve never seen a quality estate sale with such incredible finds at such fair prices. One of the things I purchased was a set of lead crystal glasses, which ended up being quite

– SD, Cottonwood


“Dear Premiere team, I just want to let you know that the items I purchased for family members for the Holidays went over very well. Each and every person who received an item I bought from your sales was delighted with the gift, and I know full well that I could never have found such

– Sandi, VOC

Well done!

“Hello Judy & Team! Last week was my third time at one of your estate sales–although I’ve been to hundreds over the past 15 years. I’ve never seen an estate sale so smoothly run, and the prices so fair. Well

– Janet, Sedona

Spirit of Cooperation

“Hello Premiere Team! I’m looking forward to your next two sales, as there are items of special interest to me. In your last sale I found so many items I didn’t expect to find in an estate sale so thanks for having such quality items but making them so affordable. And by the way, I

– Sarah, Camp Verde

Great job dealing with Covid

“I don’t know how you pull off sales like these but I am very grateful. And although there is a lot of positive things I can say about your events, I also want to compliment how you are doing such a great job dealing with this Covid issue–handing out masks and reminding people to maintain

– ML, Sedona

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