A Premiere Estate Sale is one of the most popular estate sale companies in the Verde Valley . . . and for good reason. First of all, we generally provide only “4-5 star” sales, but at reasonable prices. Next, our combined years of experience amongst our staff ads up to several decades—which means we know all sides of the estate sale business and understand the needs of both the buyers and sellers. Lastly, we are committed to creating a wonderful and exciting experience at our estate sales—which is why we are now serving coffee and refreshments for those who arrive early. We also have a few special surprises that we know you will appreciate. We are certain that you will be glad you chose A Premiere Estate Sale for your personal and/or professional needs. We look forward to seeing you soon!

To Our Customers (Buyers/Shoppers)

Why A Premiere Estate Sale is so Popular & How We Are Unique

  • We provide our clients and customers with the best/fairest prices—even on specialty merchandise—by using qualified experts on antiques, native rugs, art, collectibles, spiritual and religious items, instruments (e.g. native flutes, drums, etc.).
  • We have an exceptional presence on social media.
  • We have a great deal of experience, as well as having a knowledgeable, easy-going staff who are ready to help you with all of your needs.
  • We are one of the few quality (4-5 star) estate sale companies.
  • We offer special gifts to the first several people in line.
  • We accept nearly all forms of payment.
  • We help customers with loading their items.
  • We have delivery services available.
  • We donate a portion of our proceeds to local charities.
  • We fill orders: if you ask we’ll keep an eye out for specific items.
  • We have several services available: estate sales, purchasing full lots, storage unit sales, and accepting items as donations.
  • We care! So we offer refreshments to our customers and do our best to create the safest, most enjoyable estate sale experience. We truly believe that we all benefit most when we create a win-win scenario for our clients (the homeowner) and our customers.


Buyer Feedback


  • For the first few people who arrive early, we have a special gift.
  • If you arrive early, be sure to line up in single file, in order of who arrives first.
  • Be polite to other customers, and never cut in front of others in line.
  • We provide coffee and refreshments in the mornings.
  • Our doors will generally open at the scheduled time (usually 9:00am). However, we reserve the right to alter this time if needed. But we will usually open the garage (when there is one) at least 30 minutes early so people can get started early with their browsing and shopping.
  • We accept cash, checks (with I.D. and phone number), and credit cards (with small fee).
  • All sales are “as is” and are final.
  • No matter how many days the sale lasts, prices are set. But we then drop the prices by 50% half way through the sale.
  • We have baskets to use for shopping. We also have a holding table for those of you who want to set things aside while you continue shopping.
  • Whenever we have a room or table of valuables, you are not permitted to leave that area with items unless they are paid for.
  • Do not open doors or cupboards that are marked with painters tape or signs that say keep out.
  • If you break anything, you will have the pleasure of owning it.
  • If you need help with anything, ask for the owner (Judy) or speak to one of our team members—usually wearing a purple apron.
  • We also have 1-2 guys wearing black “security” shirts and they are available to help load your car (if needed).

NOTE: We reserve the right to maintain a happy, healthy estate sale for all—which sometimes means refusing service (and admittance) to folks with less than happy and healthy dispositions. Also, thefts (or attempted thefts) will be reported to the authorities.

To Potential Sellers (Those wanting to either sell or donate their possessions)

Whether you are moving OR downsizing OR you have lost a loved one and need to clear out their home OR if you simply feel inspired to let go of your “old life”—creating a fresh start by donating your possessions, we would love to help you by either organizing an estate sale OR by finding the right people or organizations to whom you might donate your things. Whichever the case, we are committed to bringing smiles to the faces of as many people as possible through our sales and networking. So let us handle all of the preparation, unpacking, sorting, research, pricing, set-up, advertising, and even the cleanup after the sale. That way you have the least amount of worry and work possible, and our buyers/customers can fully enjoy a well-run estate sale, wherein they can find all the items and treasures of their dreams.

Everything You Need To Know About Estate Sales or Downsizing


Seller Feedback