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Several thousand dollars in jewelry are available!

A Sedona resident who is retired and moving out of the area is asking us to sell her diverse collection of jewelry. There is gold, silver, pearls, diamonds, semi precious gems, in various forms ranging from necklaces and bracelets to pendants and rings. The price for these items range from $50-$30,000. If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, please contact us right away. Showings are by appointment only.


 Opal and Sterling Silver bracelet--SOLD 

 14k Garnet bracelet and ring--SOLD

 14k Diamond and Amethyst Ring--SOLD

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Squash Necklace--SOLD

Moss Agate and Sterling Silver Bracelet and Pendant--SOLD

Shell and Pearl Necklace--$600

Necklace --SOLD

14k Gold Pin with Diamonds and Opals--SOLD

2000 Year Old Roman Coin Earrings, Pendants and Ring--SOLD

Sterling Cuff Necklace--SOLD

18k Ring w/pink stone--SOLD

Authentic 18k Gold with Atocha Piece of Eight Coin--SOLD

14k Gold and Diamond Bracelet--SOLD

Sterling Silver Bracelet--SOLD

Sterling Silver and Dark Green Turquoise Necklace and Earrings--SOLD

Fresh Water Pearl Earrings--$30

Wire Wrapped Earrings--$30


18k Gold and Diamond Necklace--SOLD

14k Blue Montana Sapphire Bracelet and Earrings--SOLD 


14k Ribbon with Diamond Ring--SOLD

Sterling Silver Bracelet-SOLD

14k Turquoise, Amethyst and Diamond Ring--SOLD

Sterling Silver Native Shards Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings--SOLD

Multi Gem Stone Earrings--$80


 Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet by Marc Antia--SOLD

Carved Carnelian Necklace--SOLD

Turquoise Necklace--SOLD

Sterling Silver Lapis Bracelet--$150

14k Kunzite and Diamond Ring--SOLD

14k Pearl Ring--SOLD


Sterling Silver and Coral Navajo Cross Signed L. Tule 1800's --SOLD                                                                                                 

Sterling Silver and Stone Cuff Bracelets by Kit Carson-$2000

Sterling and Agate Cuff Bracelet--SOLD 

Multi Gemstone Necklace--SOLD

Sterling Silver Citrine and Fresh Water Pearl Pendant--SOLD 

14k Diamond and London Blue Topaz Ring--SOLD

Sterling Silver and Fossil Bracelets and Pendants--SOLD

Apache Police Badge--$50

Pearl Earrings--$30

Sterling Silver and Kyanite Bracelet--SOLD

Scarab Necklace--$800

Mercury Coin Squash Blossom Necklace--SOLD

Sterling Silver Hummingbird Necklace--SOLD

14k Diamond Bracelet--Approx weight 10.55 carats Appraised at $27,000--SOLD

14k White Gold and Diamond Square Earrings--SOLD

14k White Gold Diamond and Turquoise Earrings--SOLD 

14k Blue Topaz and Diamond Bracelet and Pendant Drop--SOLD

14k Bangle Embedded with  Diamonds and matching Blue Sapphires--SOLD

14k Lapis Ring--SOLD

14k Turquoise Ring--SOLD

14k Pink Stone and Diamond Ring--SOLD 

14k Snail Shape Diamond and Sapphire Ring--SOLD 

Sterling and Ruby Bracelet--SOLD

Sterling and Peridot Earrings--$30

Sterling and Carnelian Pendan---$60

Earrings--$30 SOLD

Sterling Silver Pendant by Philbert Begay--$60 SOLD

Sterling Silver, Gold and Lapid Cuff Bracelet by Marc Antia--SOLD

Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Pendant by Peter Nelson--SOLD

Sterling Silver and Orange Spiny Oyster Bracelet, Earrings, Pendant and Ring--SOLD

Sterling Silver and Onyx Bracelet--SOLD

Wire Wrapped Pendant with Rutilated Crystal Ball--SOLD

Wire Wrapped Pendant with Amethyst and Touumaline Crystals-SOLD

Sterling Silver and Fresh Water Pearl Cuff Bracelet and Ring--SOLD

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Earrings--$40 SOLD

Large Old Turquoise Bead Necklace--SOLD

 Large Carved Fetish Animal Navajo Necklace--SOLD 

14k Hand Earrings--SOLD

14k Globe Necklace--SOLD


14k Diamond Bee Pins--SOLD

Vintage Italian Coral Necklace--SOLD 

14k bangle--SOLD

18k Tanzanite and Diamond Ring--SOLD


Email or call (928-634-8885) if you are interested. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY.