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Buyer Feedback

I loved your recent estate sale. I've been to several in this area and yours, by far, was the smoothest running I have ever seen.

--AS, Sedona

To the folks at Premiere Estate Sales: I just wanted to thank you for the great estate sale. It was totally organized and easy to navigate. But I loved the overall vibe that you set up--coffee, snacks, and caring workers.

--Julia, Prescott

I love your new website. It's clear to me why you are considered the "Premiere" estate sale company (pun intended). Anyway, you guys are shifting these kinds of events from glorified garage sales into something quite incredible for the buyers and sellers--which means you'll be hearing from my wife and I in the Fall when we are prepared for our own sale.

--Jeff C., Sedona

I want to thank you folks for creating such incredible estate sales. I’ve been an estate sale shopper for many years and they are not all "created equal." I’ve never seen one run so smoothly and efficiently. Also, your prices we’re also the best (fairest) I’ve ever seen. 
--Paul, V.O.C.
Hello Judy (at Premiere)! Thanks so much for last week's estate sale. I thought I went to look for a patio set but ended up finding sooooo many "treasures" as you call them. I'm so grateful.
--Catherine, Sedona

My husband and I are so incredibly pleased at the items we found at your estate sale. We own several AirBnB's and were able to furnish most of our most recent rental. All was found in just minutes. hooray!

--Janice & Jim, Sedona

You sales are by far the best. I can't believe how perfect these event are run and how fair your prices are for buyer and seller. I love these.
--Jeremy, Cottonwood

When I come to your sales, I don't even care if I buy anything--although I always do. I just find them to be so much fun.

--Sandy, Cornville